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Brittain Ministries, Inc.

Our Ministry


At a Billy Graham crusade in Charlotte, NC in 1958, Ralph Brittain accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was debilitated with Grand Mal epilepsy as a result of brain damage due to malaria and jungle fever. Ralph had served in the Air Force during WWII in New Guinea and was taken sick during his deployment there. In 1962 while in a room at Duke Hospital, God called Ralph from death to life. Jesus appeared to him and said, "I call you to go into all the world and preach my gospel. I will deliver you and heal you." Jesus then laid hands on Ralph's head and filled him with the Holy Spirit. 

After returning home, he began an intense eleven-year Bible study to prepare himself for ministry. During that time of building his faith, his seizures lessened from 5 per day to one a month, then to one a year! In 1972, he was free from seizures forever. The Word of God through faith set him free! 

Hilda Brittain was also saved at the same Billy Graham crusade back in 1958. She continued to care for Ralph and the family. Her teaching career was put on hold until the fall of 1962. After Jesus' miraculous appearance to Ralph, she continued teaching until retirement in 1973. She also suffered incurable diseases from degenerative cell structure in the lumbar section of the spine, migraine headaches, severe varicose veins in both legs and allergies (to life itself!). In 1972 after attending a Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting, Jesus healed her the next day of all ailments. With her health restored instantly, she was called by God to join Ralph "to go ye therefore into all the world...". She retired from teaching school in 1973 to begin the greatest adventure of her life! 

Ralph and Hilda were ordained by Rev. Gerald Derstine, Founder and President of Christian Retreat, Bradenton, Florida in 1974, and set into the ministry. In 1984, Pastors Ralph and Hilda received honorary Doctorate degrees from Indiana Christian University.They have been welcomed from East coast to West coast - United States, Canada, Haiti, Israel, Ghana, West Africa, and South America. Both have spoken in all denomination churches, held seminars, FGBMFI conventions and meetings, and Women's Aglow meetings. They have appeared as guests and teachers on several Christian television programs including Pat Robertson and the 700 Club, Jim Bakker and the PTL Club, and "Today with Lester Sumrall". 

In addition to their Outreach ministry, known as Brittain Ministries, Inc., they ministered in their hometown of Hickory, NC as Pastors/Founders of Christian Ministries Fellowship, Inc., later renamed Healing Springs Church. They retired pastoring in 1991 to go "on the road again" taking God's Word and healing power to the world. Ralph and Hilda have been blessed by Acts 16:31, which they believe and teach. All four of their children and spouses, ten grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren are in the Kingdom of God. 

Dr. Ralph Brittain went home to be with the Lord in September 2004. However, Dr. Hilda Brittain continues her call and passion for Jesus Christ. Regardless of where she is called or with whom she is serving, her ministry remains vibrant and sure. Her exhortation to the Body of Christ is vital to the heartbeat of the ministry. One could sum up Dr. Hilda's ministry with one phrase, "ALIVE AND WELL in Christ Jesus"!!!